ugijkop[kjokmopilI am Aivan Lloyd Calonia and this is my design board. I am a recent graduate of BS Management from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas Tacloban College.

I am into creatives and design. I wasn’t able to go to an art school which was the dream before. However, life has its own ways of giving you opportunities to still use and pursue your passion. Good thing, during my stay in UP Tacloban I was able to share and develop my skills in graphics design, public relations, advertising and marketing.

I am jobless as of now. I am seeking for opportunities where I can exercise my creativity and hopefully have rooms for growth and improvement especially because I am not using photoshop and illustrator yet due to lack of time to explore the said software.

As an activist, I also believe that art and creativity has a significant role in the struggle to social justice. The use of art as a method of nonviolent action to change mentalities, to emphatize, to create visibility is a different way of confronting social crisis, because it handles a different structure where it appeals to feelings before reason allowing emotions to connect to the cause.

Make art not war.

If you need designs or even ideas to market a product, an event or a campaign, you can always connect with me through my social media accounst as well as the contact details provided in this blog.

Carpe Diem!